People carry their belongings out of the Cervantes neighborhood of Manizales, Colombia. ((Maria Luisa Garcia/Associated Press))

Rescue workers have pulled a family of five from the rubble of their home that was buried following a mudslide in northwestern Colombia on the weekend.

Saturday's slide, caused by heavy rains and possibly a ruptured drainage pipe, destroyed 16 homes and killed at least 29 people in the city of Manizales, officials say.

Crews say they spotted two adults and three youths in one home Sunday after a woman, who was inside the building, touched a rescue worker on the hand with a stick.

About 40 people remain missing. So far, 16 people who were trapped in the rubble have been found alive.

Workers continued to dig through debris in search of survivors in the Cervantes neighbourhood of Manizales through Sunday night and into Monday.