U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Friday released long-awaited tax returns for her and her husband, reporting that the two made $109 million in the past eight years.

The release, which contained tax returns from 2000 through 2006 for the senator and former president Bill Clinton, plus estimates for last year, provided the first detailed look at the couple's recent finances.

Clinton has been under pressure to release her tax returns, especially from rival Sen. Barack Obama. He posted his 2000 to 2006 returns on his campaign website last week.

Over the eight-year period, Hillary Clinton reported a senate salary of $1 million, plus nearly $10.5 million in income from her two books, Living History and It Takes a Village. However, she donated earnings from the latter book to charity.

Her husband earned about three-quarters of the couple's combined gross income in that period — bringing in a total of about $82.65 million with his presidential pension and money from two books and speeches.

The ex-president's speeches brought in a total of $51.85 million, while his two books, Giving and My Life, accounted for about $29.6 million.

The Clintons paid $33.78 million in taxes over that period, while their charitable contribution in that time was $10.26 million.

Clinton's tax returns show that of the remaining presidential candidates, she is the one most able to access large amounts of personal money. Early this year, Clinton lent her campaign about $5 million.

Obama has reported an income of nearly $1 million for 2006, with nearly half coming from the publication of his second book, The Audacity of Hope. Last week, his campaign disclosed that he and his wife, Michelle, gave $240,000 to charity last year.

In Republican candidate John McCain's financial disclosures, he lists his major sources of income as his senate salary of $169,300 and a navy pension of about $56,000.

His wife is heiress to her father's stake in Hensley & Co. of Phoenix, one of the largest beer distributorships in the country, and her worth could exceed $100 million. But the couple has a prenuptial agreement that keeps most assets in her name.

The Clintons included only estimates for 2007, saying they've filed an extension for those tax returns due to dissolution of a blind trust last year.

According to the release, Senator Clinton earned about $150,000 in senate salary in 2007 and about the same in book royalties.

Her husband's gross income for 2007 included: $186,600 in presidential pension, $4.43 million from his books, $10.15 million from speeches. Other income accounted for about $7 million.

With files from the Associated Press