The woman who came to the aid of a toddler who was run down on a street in China denies rumours she was seeking fame or money by helping the injured girl, according to a local newspaper.

Chen Xianmei, a 58-year-old scrap collector in the city of Foshan in central Guangdong province, is quoted by daily newspaper Dayoo as saying she cannot watch television because of the constant coverage of her rescue of Wang Yue last Thursday.

A graphic video showing Yue being struck and run over, followed by 18 people walking and driving past her prone body, sparked outrage in China and prompted questions around the world over why someone on the street didn't stop to help her sooner.

Dayoo also reported Chen has been showered with reward money from anonymous donors since her good deed became public.

"A lot of people are now saying that I'm doing it to get famous, and to get money. Even my neighbours are now saying so," Chen was quoted as saying.


In this photo taken Tuesday, the unidentified mother of a two-year-old Wang Yue, left, speaks to Chen Xianmei, a trash collector who was the first one to help the girl after she was struck by two vans and left for dead, during a visit to the hospital in Guangzhou in south China's Guangdong province. ((Associated Press))

"That really wasn't my intention, and I'm so afraid of hearing what people are saying that I don't dare to watch the news. I'm not out for fame or money."

Meanwhile, reports differed greatly on the condition of the girl.

Xinhua reported on its English-language site that doctors at a military hospital said Yue is "brain dead" and could die at any time.

The state-run China Daily, however, reported her condition is "showing signs of stability."

The hospital's head of neurosurgery has been previously quoted as saying the girl is likely to remain in a vegetative state if she survives.