Chicago is struggling with gun violence and a spiking murder rate, and many residents who spoke with CBC News don't think new gun laws will bring any relief.

The CBC's Paul Hunter travelled through Chicago neighbourhoods, graveyards and into the Chicago police department's lock-up of confiscated weapons to see just how many guns are in the city.

"How many guns are out there? Too many," said Chicago police Cmdr. Michael Mealer.

On the streets, many people said stricter gun ownership regulations won't stop the violence. What the city needs is jobs, and help breaking the culture of gun violence that has absorbed many of the city's youth.

Recently, the city has been galvanized by the shooting death of Hadiya Pendelton, 15, who was shot dead just days after she sang at Obama's inauguration in January. Two men have been arrested in the case, and told police they mistook Pendelton and a friend for rival gang members.

Whether Obama can get strict gun laws passed is one question. Whether he can bring peace to Chicago is another.