Directed by Jean Bernard Bayard

Directed by Jean Bernard Bayard 4:05
Meet Chana. At nine years old, she has become an indispensable volunteer to medical missions in Pinchinat tent city. 
Jean Bernard Bayard

The filmmaker

Jean Bernard Bayard is a second-year film student at Ciné Institute.

Since the earthquake he has filmed scenes of young survivors being carried out of the rubble, shot footage of the camps where displaced survivors live and witnessed the horror of a man being operated on without anesthesia.

Although he, too, is a victim of the quake, he stays strong by picking up his camera and "telling the world what's going on."

"Bayard" was one of eight Ciné Institute students selected to act as Haitian youth ambassadors at the filming of We Are the World 25, the re-recording of the famous song.

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