A number of Canadians will have to wait at least another day in the Gaza Strip because of unsafe conditions before they can make their way into Israel and escape the violence, officials say.

A spokeswoman with the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv told the Canadian Press that  the group of Canadians is unlikely to leave the area Tuesday. She said Canadian officials and Israeli authorities are working to find a safer departure time.

On Monday, a busload of foreign nationals, including 18 Canadians, tried to cross the border at Erez Crossing. The group came within a kilometre of the border but had to turn back after it was deemed too dangerous to cross.

More than 250 foreign nationals, including around three dozen Canadians, have been given permission to leave Gaza by the Israeli government.

Before Israel launched its ground assault, another large group of foreign nationals had been allowed to leave the territory.

But Israeli officials said that they didn’t get a request from the Canadian government to get its foreign nationals out until the day of the ground offensive into Gaza Strip.

"Now, it is just too dangerous with all that fierce fighting everywhere, but specifically near the border areas," said CBC's Peter Armstrong, reporting from the Israeli/Gaza border.

"Those foreign nationals who didn’t get out are stuck there now in an increasingly dire situation."

The embassy spokeswoman said 58 Canadians are registered in Gaza, but not all have requested help in fleeing the region.

With files from the Canadian Press