An Afghan civilian was killed and another was injured in a shooting incident in Kandahar that involved Canadian forces, officials said Friday.

The two Afghan men were travelling in a taxi on Thursdayand approaching anInternational Security Assistance Force patrol convoy, ISAF officials said in a news release.

The convoyincluded Canadian troops.

The taxi "had ignored visual signs to stop. Warning shots were fired and the ISAF troops then carried on with their patrol," the statement said.

Both men were treated at a hospital where one died of gunshot wounds. The other manwas transferred to the multinational medical unit at Kandahar Airfield and is expected to be discharged shortly.

"We deeply regret the loss of innocent civilian lives and a full investigation is being carried out," said Wing Commander Antony McCord, an ISAF spokesman for Regional Command South.

The military said it was applying "escalation of force" rules.Vehicles on the highway are supposed to pull over to let a convoy pass. If the vehicle doesn't stop,warning shots may be fired or lethal force may be used.