Canadian troops capture Taliban suspects

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan have captured 10 suspected Taliban fighters.

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan have captured 10 suspected Taliban fighters.

The capture came as Canadian troops were escorting a convoy to Gumbad, north of Kandahar, where Canada maintains a forward operating base.

The soldiers noticed two groups apparently conducting a reconnaissance of the area.

CBC correspondent Peter Armstrong reported from Kandahar that Canadian units had been scouring the hills trying to flush out Taliban fighters.

The Canadians were given a tip that a group was hiding in a compound, "so troops moved in and essentially, without firing a shot," captured the men, Armstrong reported.

Members of 1st Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry carried out the raid. Ten suspects were subsequently handed over to the Afghan National Police.

"We've taken some bad guys off the street," Maj. Marc Theriault told a news briefing in Kandahar.

A photographer with Agence France-Presse was embedded with the unit and captured images of Canadian troops processing the detainees and taking them into custody.

At first, the Canadian military asked the photographer not to publish the images. Military officials said their lawyers reviewed the photos and thought they might be in violation of the Geneva Conventions, which says that a picture holding up a prisoner to ridicule may not be released.

Article 13 of the convention states: "Prisoners of war must at all time be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity."

However, the military later said it was up to the various news agencies to decide whether they wanted to publish the images.