Cpl. Kevin Megeney, shown in an undated photo, was a 25-year-old reservist from Stellarton, N.S., who volunteered to go to Afghanistan in the fall of 2006. ((DND))

A soldier from Nova Scotia died Tuesday after being accidentally shot while in his tent at the military base in Kandahar,Afghanistan, CBC News has confirmed.

The soldier, Cpl. Kevin Megeney, was shot in the chest, the family told CBC News on Tuesday.

The Defence Department would only confirm that Megeney died of a gunshot wound shortly after 7 p.m.local time.

"Enemy action has been ruled out, since the incident occurred within the secure confines of Kandahar airfield," the Defence Department said in a news release.

Military officials are investigating the incident, the release said.

The 25-year-old, a reservist from Stellarton, volunteered to go to Afghanistan in the fall as part of the militia with 1st Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders.

Family members told the CBC that the military said Megeney was killed by "friendly fire."

His sister, Lisa Megeney, told the Canadian Press that the family received a call Tuesday morning from someone at the base.

They were told thathe had been shot in his left lung, but was still alive.

"He was yelling for someone to call his mother," she told the Canadian Press.

Later, the family was told that he had died.

Megeney said her younger brother was excited to be going to the war-torn country, despite fears amongst family members that he might be injured.

"He said that he was going to help people," she said. "He wanted to turn things around, so the Afghanis could live like we live.… He took so much pride in it."

Shortlybefore he left for Afghanistan, Kevin Megeney was at a rally inNew Glasgowto support Canadian troops.

He told the CBC that he appreciated so many people showing up at the event.

"It's completely overwhelming," he said."I was amazed by the amount of support that we received. It really hits home when you see the people come out like this."

Since 2002, 45 Canadian soldiers and a diplomat have been killed in Afghanistan.