Foreign Affairs in Ottawa has confirmed reports that a Canadian has died in Thailand.

The Bangkok Post reported on its website that a Canadian man was found in a Bangkok hotel room this week along with an Australian national.

The Post said police discovered several bottles of alcohol and a "white powder" believed to be a drug in their room.

Thai police say it's believed the two died of a drug overdose, adding that an autopsy is being done to confirm cause of death.

They say tests have also been ordered to identify the white powder.

In a statement Friday night, Foreign Affairs said only that Canadian consular officials were in contact with local authorities to gather information, and were providing assistance to the family of a Canadian citizen who passed away in Thailand.

The incident follows the death of two sisters from the Quebec town of Pohénégamook who were found in their Thai hotel room in June.

Local officials said Noémi Bélanger, 25, and Audrey Bélanger, 20, were accidentally poisioned by ingesting DEET — an ingredient in bug repellent — though a Canadian coroner recently challenged those findings. The results of a second autopsy have not yet been released.