Cameron visits area of U.K. shootings

British Prime Minister David Cameron visits survivors and police in the northern England location of this week's mass shooting.

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the northern England location of this week's mass shooting Friday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, left, talks with Hospital Trust chairman Mike Little as he leaves West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, Cumbria, on Friday after visiting victims of the shooting. ((Chris Clark/Associated Press))

Cameron, along with Home Secretary Theresa May, visited a hospital where victims were being treated, and also met with police officers who responded during taxi driver Derrick Bird's killing rampage Wednesday.

Bird, 52, killed 12 people, including his twin brother, David, his family's lawyer and a fellow cabbie. He also left 11 people wounded during the three hours he drove around the Cumbria region firing from his cab. Bird later committed suicide in a wooded area near the village of Boot.

Cameron said the community will need help getting through "a very, very difficult time," the BBC reported.

Speaking at Workington police station, Cameron addressed questions on gun control by saying his government would look at "all of the issues." He said the U.K. already has very tough controls.  

On Thursday, Cameron had said there shouldn't be a "knee-jerk reaction" on firearms controls in the wake of the shooting.

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for Bird's rampage, such as financial issues or family problems. Police have said Bird's finances are an "ongoing line of inquiry."

Bird's friend, Mark Cooper, said Bird told him that tax authorities were investigating him.

"He said, 'They have caught me with 60,000 pounds in the bank, the tax people,"' Cooper said. "He just said, 'I'll go to jail."'

Cumbria police Chief Craig Mackey said 10 of Bird's victims were killed in the first hour of the shootings. He said police responded quickly but they were unable to keep up to Bird.

"Our officers were on the scene within minutes but, due to Bird's knowledge of local roads, he had fled in his vehicle and was traveling south, firing shots along his way," Mackey said, adding that Bird "was firing shots out of his vehicle, moving from place to place."

"As far as we know, at no stage did any police officer have the chance to end this any sooner," the police chief said.

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