Egypt's official news agency says a seven-story building has collapsed in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

The Middle East News Agency reported Sunday that an unspecified number of residents are trapped under rubble, in the neighbourhood of Sidi Gaber in the coastal city.

No reports on casualties were immediately available.

Alexandria witnessed several deadly building collapses this year including a Jan. 16 incident involving an eight-story-tall apartment building that left at least 25 dead.

Violations of building specifications are rampant in Egypt and are blamed for the frequent collapses.

The governor of Alexandria, Mohammed Abbas Atta, told Egypt's official news agency that the building that collapsed in January was constructed without a permit.

Abul Ezz el-Hariri, an opposition lawmaker from Alexandria, had warned then that hundreds of buildings in the city face the same fate, but that lax law enforcement following the ouster two years ago of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak means that no action is being taken against building violations.