There are more guns than ever in Rio de Janeiro’s Maré favela, a massive slum once controlled by violent drug dealers but now the home of a major military operation.

The CBC’s Susan Ormiston rode through Maré with the Brazilian army to get a glimpse inside the favela, where soldiers have been trying to crack down on violence and drug dealing. While some residents appreciate the military presence, others complain it brings even more guns into the already dangerous area. 

The Brazilian government says the operation has nothing to do with the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off next week, but Ormiston reports many Mare residents are skeptical of that claim.

Brazilians are also frustrated, Ormiston says, that the government can spend $11 billion on a soccer tournament while many of its citizens are reduced to living in slums like Maré.

For a look inside the favela, check out the video above. Below is a photo gallery from the spring, when Brazilian authorities began cracking down in the slums.