A wife of Osama bin Laden says she lived in the al-Qaeda leader's compound in Pakistan for six years, according to a Pakistani intelligence official.

The woman lived in the compound in Abbottabad without leaving the upper floors of the house.


Osama bin Laden, seen in this FBI wanted poster, was killed Monday. ((FBI/Reuters))

The intelligence official, who spoke Friday on condition of anonymity, did not indicate if the wife said bin Laden had also lived there for the six years.

The woman is one of three bin Laden wives, along with up to nine children, being held by Pakistan after being found in the compound.

U.S. forces killed bin Laden early Monday in a covert helicopter-borne raid.

The New York Times and the Washington Post both reported Thursday that the CIA had bin Laden's compound under surveillance for months from a nearby house.

Also Thursday, U.S. officials said that information found in the compound showed that al-Qaeda was considering attacks U.S. trains on Sept. 11.

There was no indication that the idea went beyond initial consideration.

Philippine protest

Also Friday, police in the Philippines used riot shields to push back dozens of Muslims who had marched on the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

Protest leader and Islamic cleric Alim Jamil Yahya condemned the "brutal killing" of bin Laden, and called the burial of bin Laden's body at sea a desecration.

The protesters dispersed without incident.

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