At Issue panel: The controversy over Canada's election reform bill

The National's At Issue panel discusses the growing debate over the government's proposed changes to the country's election laws.

The debate over Bill C-23,  the federal government's proposed election reform bill, heated up today in Ottawa.

The author of the report, who is often cited by the Conservatives to support their proposed changes, seems to be at odds with the act.

"It is my opinion that [Pierre Poilievre] has not interpreted my report correctly," Harry Neufeld said.

But Poilievre, minister of state for democratic reform, argued he uses Neufeld's arguments appropriately and in context.

The National's At Issue panel discussed the growing debate surrounding Bill C-23.

"This bill is in a lot of trouble, or by any conventional standard would be," said Andrew Coyne.

All expert recommendations have not been absorbed by the Conservative government and the government is choosing to go in a different direction each time, he said.

Chantal Hébert compared the debate to the controversy over the long-form census. However, this time the issue is more serious, she said.

"It’s more serious when every election expert tells you that you’re actually going to hurt the voting and the democratic system in the country," she said.

Despite the negative reaction from some, Bruce Anderson said there are some good elements to the bill.

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