Egypt's president says Syrian leader Bashar Assad must learn from "recent history" and step down before it is too late.

Mohammed Morsi's reference to "recent history" appeared to allude to the fate of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen that have been overthrown by Arab Spring uprisings.

Morsi spoke on Wednesday at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, which according to Reuters, should include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt.

Iraqi airspace 'shuttling arms'

In other developments across the region, Iraq says it is waiting for the U.S. to provide evidence that its airspace is again being used by Iran to ship weapons to Syria.

An Iraqi spokesman acknowledged that Iran is ferrying supplies through Iraqi airspace but said Tehran has assured Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that the flights contain food and other humanitarian aid for victims of Syria's civil war.

Spokesman Ali al-Moussawi said the U.S. has promised to provide proof that the Iranian flights are shuttling arms, which would violate a U.N. Security Council resolution.

Earlier this year, Washington pressured Iraq to stop any Iranian weapons shipments through its airspace.

Three U.S. senators visiting Baghdad on Wednesday said the flights pose a renewed threat to Mideast stability.