Reality TV star Honey Boo Boo's new pet chicken has sprung PETA animal rights' activists into action.

The six-year-old girl — a child beauty pageant participant, now famous for her so-called go go juice and "redneckognize" catch phrase — recently got a new pet chicken and named it Nugget.

Now PETA wants the pint-sized star to change her chicken's name to Not a Nugget, which is also the name of their youth outreach mascot.

The organization sent Honey Boo Boo a letter, saying: "Chickens are smart, interesting animals with personalities of their own."

Changing her chicken's name, the letter reads, will "let your fans know that they should be nice to chickens by not eating them."

The group is also sending her a "Not a Nugget" t-shirt and meatless chicken tenders.

In a blog post for PETA, Michelle Kretzer wrote "not eating chickens might earn her a whole new flock of fans."