The cockpit voice recorder from a 2009 Air France crash in the Atlantic Ocean has been found and recovered, France said Tuesday.

The crash of Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris killed all 228 people on board.

The recovery of the voice recorder came just days after French air accident investigators said the jet's flight data recorder had been found.

The two recorders will be key to helping investigators try to determine what caused the Airbus 330 to crash. The aircraft plunged into the ocean after encountering a thunderstorm.

The voice recorder was found Monday by a submarine searching in about 3,900 meters of water, and was raised to the surface on Tuesday.

The condition of the recorder was not immediately known.

 "We can't say in advance that we're going to be able to read it until it's been opened," a spokeswoman for the French air accident investigators told The Associated Press.

In March, a French judge filed preliminary manslaughter charges against Air France and Airbus, a move that placed greater importance on the hunt for the recorders.

Air France CEO Pierre-Henri Gourgeon said the find was a decisive step forward in a search for the cause of the crash.

"It is my heartfelt hope that the data contained in these flight recorders may be used and provide answers to questions that relatives of the victims, Air France and the entire airline industry have been asking for nearly two years about why this tragic accident occurred," he said in a statement.