A British man campaigning for divorced and separated fathers' rights was arrested Friday for handcuffing himself to a government minister.

Jolly Stanesby, of Fathers 4 Justice, cornered Minister for Children Margaret Hodge as she was speaking at a family law conference in Manchester.

Police say Stanesby handcuffed himself to Hodge, trapping her for more than 30 minutes until police arrived to free her – and arrest him.

Hodge was unharmed by the ordeal and later continued with her speech.

Stanesby said he had made a "citizen's arrest," according to reports.

He was joined onstage by Jason Hatch, who in September scaled Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman.

In May, Fathers 4 Justice activists threw purple powder at Prime Minister Tony Blair in Parliament.

Matt O'Connor, of Fathers 4 Justice, told the BBC Hodge had been chosen for the latest stunt because she was the "bogeywoman of family law, who doesn't even believe in equal parenting."

The group said the protest was the first of a planned "Christmas of chaos," with "superhero Santas" staging more stunts targeting prominent public figures.