Afghan army soldiers stand near the wreckage of the vehicle used by the suicide attacker in Kandahar on Wednesday. ((Associated Press))

Two Canadiantroops in Afghanistan have been wounded in a suicideattack on a military convoy, hours after fourothers were hurt — one seriously —when their vehiclewas bombed.

The most recent attack, at about 7:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, cameasCanadians in a light armoured vehicle were returning from a patrolinthe southern city of Kandahar.

A man detonated his explosives-filled car near the convoy, wounding the Canadian troops and seven other people — one policeman and six civilians — and killing a bystander, Afghan officials say.

One of the injured soldiers was in serious condition and the other suffered minor injuries, said Maj. Mario Couture, a Canadian Forces spokesman at the coalition base in Kandahar.

1st attack hit north of Kandahar


Lt. Craig Alcock, right, questions a village elder through his interpreter during a sweep for Taliban west of Kandahar. Six Canadian soldiers were wounded during the operation on Wednesday. ((John Cotter/Canadian Press))

In the earlier attack, the four soldiers were in a LAVIII near aforward base 75 kilometres north of Kandahar when the roadside bomb exploded.

Couture said thewounded soldiers were airlifted to hospital. One of the soldiers isin serious condition, while the condition of the other threeis good.

The identities of theinjuredhave not been released.

These are the first Canadian casualties since Operation Mountain Thrust was officially announced last week.

A second LAV IIIin a different area was also damaged in a similar explosion, though no one was hurt.

Canadian forces on the ground confirm that twopeople seen near the site of one of the attacks were apprehended, CBC reporter David Commonsaid.

Two Canadian soldiers were slightly injured when their armoured vehicle rolled over Wednesday, but it is not believed there was any enemy involvementin that incident.