U.S. soldiers arrive at the scene where an army convoy was attacked by a car bomb in Baghdad on May 1. (AP photo)

About 30 Iraqis were killed and more than 50 were wounded when a bomb exploded at a funeral Sunday, while at least 10 more people died in other violent incidents.

At least 110 people, including 11 U.S. soldiers, have been killed in a wave of attacks since the Iraqi National Assembly chose a Shia-dominated cabinet on Thursday. The minority Sunnis are believed to be the main supporters of the militant attacks.

Sunni factions had been promised six ministers and one deputy prime minister, but they received four portfolios considered relatively insignificant.

In the most deadly attack Sunday, a Kurdish official was being buried in Tal Afar in northern Iraq when a suicide car bomb blew up.

Many other well-planned car bombings and ambushes were reported on Sunday in Baghdad and other places in Iraq.

Iraqi police are a frequent target.