Amusement park operator Cedar Fair says a legal dispute won't ground a new high-flying ride planned for several of its parks, including Canada's Wonderland near Toronto.


This artist's rendering shows the new WindSeeker ride. Canada's Wonderland will be getting the swing ride that will spin thrill seekers 91 meters above the ground at speeds reaching 48 mph. ((Cedar Point Amusement Park-Resort/Associated Press))

The dispute is over the WindSeeker, a ride which will spin riders 91 metres above the ground at speeds reaching 48 kilometres per hour.

It will be manufactured by Dutch company Mondial.

However, a ride-maker based in Australia complains the idea for the ride was copied from a concept it showed off to Cedar Fair officials.

Cedar Fair director of investor relations Stacy Frole says executives have been told by its Dutch manufacturer's U.S. patent attorney that the other company's claim has no merit.

Cedar Fair, based in Sandusky in northern Ohio, plans to introduce the WindSeeker next year at Ohio parks Cedar Point and Kings Island, as well as Canada's Wonderland near Toronto and Knott's Berry Farm outside Los Angeles.