Gamblers and others drawn by the prospect of a life-altering Lotto 6-49 win can start checking the numbers on their tickets for Wednesday night's draw.

At stake is $43 million — the second largest 6-49 pot ever.

The winning numbers in the draw, announced just after 10 p.m. ET Wednesday, were 10, 18, 22, 26, 34 and 38. The bonus was 39.

Seventeen workers at Viking Holdings in Sedgewick, Alta., shared the largest 6-49 win, splitting more than $54 million in October 2005. 

There was also a $43 million prize won in the summer of 2006.

Wednesday's prize grew to its current size because there were no winning tickets sold for last Saturday's draw, when the jackpot was $36 million.

According to an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. survey, 43 per cent of the people who have won more than $1 million retired, and 95 per cent sought professional financial advice.

Most winners banked some money, gave some to family and friends, bought a new car, took a vacation or donated to charity.

Only 14 per cent of winners said the money changed their overall lifestyle.

The size of Wednesday's draw attracted people who don't usually buy tickets, either alone or with groups of co-workers, as well as regular lottery players.

Andrea Marantz from the Western Canada Lottery Corp. said it's best to be organized to avoid disputes if a group does win.

Lawsuits have followed some big wins, but she said avoiding problems is as simple as writing down the names of the people who put money in for the ticket.