An Ontario New Democrat is calling for health warning labels on all cellphones sold in the province.


An Ontario New Democrat wants labels on cell phones warning about possible radiation hazards. ((iStock))

NDP health critic France Gelinas says cellphone companies include warnings about radiation in owner's manuals, but often bury the information deep inside in very tiny print.

Gelinas says a sticker on every cellphone warning that long-term exposure could lead to cancer would serve as a constant reminder to keep the device away from the body.

She says it will also provide ammunition for parents in their battles with teenagers over cellphone use.

Professor Magda Havas of Trent University says there's a lot of evidence showing the health effects of radiation from cellphones, so she supports the call for warning labels.

Havas says people should be aware of the specific absorption rate or radiation for each phone available, but warns radiation increases the farther the phone is away from a transmission tower.

Health Canada, on its website, says the radio frequency energy from cellphones and cellphone towers poses no confirmed health risks.