Tory minister Greg Rickford sticks his tongue out at Liberals during question period

Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford responded to Liberal Party hecklers with some expressive gestures during Question Period on Thursday.

Gestures came after a heated exchange over the Keystone XL Pipeline

Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford lets Liberal MPs across the aisle in the Commons know what he thinks of their heckling. 0:06

Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford raised eyebrows online Thursday after responding to heckling in question period by sticking out his tongue and making a flapping-mouth gesture with his hand.

Rickford's response came after a series of questions from Liberal MP Geoff Regan about why the Canadian government has so far been unable to convince the U.S. to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. U.S. President Barack Obama vetoed a bill passed by Congress approving the pipeline on Tuesday. 

The Liberal Party and its leader Justin Trudeau support construction of the pipeline, which would carry oil from Alberta to oil refineries in the U.S.

Regan suggested Keystone has not been approved because the Conservatives have not done more to combat climate change and argued that the government should work with the provinces to put a price on carbon. 

Rickford suggested that a carbon tax would raise the price of "everything", a line which was echoed by his colleagues in the Conservative benches. As he ended his remarks, Rickford turned toward the Liberal benches, stuck out his tongue, and made a hand-talking gesture. 

Users on Twitter were quick to skewer Rickford for his behaviour, with Maclean's Magazine wondering if question period has finally hit "rock bottom"

Regardless of your take on the moment, it seems almost certain that the GIF of Rickford's gestures will go down in Parliamentary history