Former British prime minister Tony Blair is the latest politician to become prey to Twitter users' penchant for Photoshop memes.

Blair weighed in on today's Brexit vote, tweeting a photo of himself holding a white card announcing his stance. In other words, he gave the internet a blank slate and said, "Go nuts."

Blair remains a controversial figure after his time in office and Brits took this opportunity to criticize his political legacy. Within minutes, Twitter users were replacing "I Voted Remain" with some pointed remarks. 

Others went beyond British politics with their posts, targeting both Blair and Donald Trump.

Someone also couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a reference to Beyoncé's latest album

Of course no internet meme is complete without John Cena.

Blair isn't the only U.K. politician to make a Twitter faux pas. Two years ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron's Twitter photo of a phone call with U.S. President Barack Obama was mocked by celebrities, including Patrick Stewart

The Brexit referendum ends today, but the internet is forever. Even when it's this weird.