Driverless snowmobile in Newfoundland

A driverless snowmobile caused a traffic headache on a Newfoundland highway Monday and a traffic spike on the internet, as people rushed to express variations on the sentiment: "Only in Canada."

It all started when the machine's throttle became stuck as its driver tried to cross the highway near the town of Deer Lake in the western part of the province, according to police. The driver was thrown from the snowmobile, but the machine continued down the highway, bouncing off the snowbank on one side of the highway and then the other, like a highly-dangerous, very-Canadian version of the video game Pong.

Eventually, the snowmobile hit a snowbank it couldn't conquer and flipped. There were no collisions or injuries as a result of the automated rampage, but there were plenty of jokes. You can read some of the best responses to the story below.

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