More than 50,000 people are waiting for their turn to visit the self-declared "most exclusive website in the universe."

Created by web developer Justin Foley of Ohio, only allows one person to visit its secretive main page for 60 seconds at a time.

The thousands who have yet to make it to the website's inner sanctum need a numbered ticket before entering. Like in a doctor's office, all they can do is wait until somebody calls their number. Some people have been waiting longer than others. 

They may have to wait for quite a while longer, since if the roughly 52,000 people currently in line view the page for a full minute, that amounts to more than 35 days. The website doesn't track a visitor once they leave the page, either. Those who browse away lose their ticket, so don't let your phone die or turn off your PC. 

But why would anyone design a website like this? 

"The internet was designed to be open and accessible; what if I made a website that was the antithesis of one of [its] defining qualities?" Foley wrote in a email to the Washington Post.

Foley said that 300,000 people have attempted to gain access since June 30, but only 55,000 have managed to get inside.

Another option is to skip the line entirely and spoil the mystery on YouTube. It's an entertaining twist, although perhaps not worth camping near your closest web browser for more than a month.

"I did get a lot of very hateful messages about how much time people wasted ... That's kind of their own fault," Foley told the Daily Dot.

The site launched in March, but remained mostly unnoticed until it appeared in the number one slot of a list of the "10 Completely Useless Websites" on a blog called Johnny Lists. It later found its way to Reddit

On Johnny Lists, it beat out, the misspelled encyclopedia and, a page displaying nothing but the colour purple, which has been online since 1994.