Calgary and some of the surrounding area felt some summer heat relief Saturday with an August snowfall. The surprising winter weather was met with a resounding only-in-Alberta sentiment — and a bit of excitement from winter sports enthusiasts.

The weather seemed to catch many Calgarians off guard.

People weren't the only ones caught off guard.

Even the Weather Network seemed a bit surprised at the forecast.

It seemed the only-in-Alberta sentiment was a common reaction among Calgarians.

"Only in Alberta, eh?" one woman can be heard saying in the video as she watches a light snowfall.

They seemed resigned to their fate of unpredictable weather.

Not everyone was happy with the surprise snowfall.

But some seemed to take it in good stride, cracking jokes about the weather.

Of course, those not in the area couldn't help but poke fun at Calgary's fate.

However, winter-sports fans seemed excited that they may be able to strap on a pair of skis a few months earlier than expected.

But, the snowfall was short-lived, and sunnier skies prevailed on Saturday.

While skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts may have been disappointed, some were glad to see the summer snow was short-lived.