An anti-marijuana campaign from the Australian state of New South Wales has become a viral smash.

The campaign, with its slogan "you're worse on weed," attempts to educate teenagers of the risks of marijuana use by depicting stoners as grumbling, oversized "Stoner Sloths."

Who could imagine that backfiring?

The ad has been widely successful online, though probably not for the reasons the NSW government had in mind.

The Premier of New South Wales doesn't appear to have had a hand in creating the ads.

The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), a major drug research centre in Australia, is distancing itself from the campaign as well.

Adding to the cringeworthiness, the domain name "Stoner Sloth" is already in use by a blog with the tagline: "Enjoy every smoking experience."

The ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi Australia appears to be responsible for the sloth campaign, according to Mashable (via AdNews). 

Though the ads were released in November, video parodies have been making the rounds on social media recently.

This one warns of the dangers of a high sodium diet. 

And this features former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as Stoner Sloth.