Winter storm leads to snow-kayaks, shovel-flipping and a mini-avalanche

As a new winter storm crosses southern Ontario and Quebec, people woke up to snow, freezing rain or just plain old rain.

The storm brought with it a host of groaning, car accidents and odd incidents

Images of accidents and snow-shovelling selfies were posted to social media as a "Texas low" low-pressure system brought a storm across eastern Canada. (TPFFA/Twitter Kevintwn/Twitter)

As a new winter storm crosses southern Ontario and Quebec, reaction was quick as eastern Canada dealt with snow and freezing rain.

People hit up social media, posting accidents and snow-shovelling selfies as the "Texas low" low-pressure system moved through.

People left their homes anticipating a rough drive to work

While the storm isn't as bad as Ottawa's snowpocalypse last week, residents there were not keen to see more snow

Who would be excited to shovel anyway?

Or clear off their windshields?

By 10 a.m., there was already a major accident and reports of others

And an avalanche of sorts

Montreal didn't seem to be taking it well, since it hasn't been that long since that city's last blast of winter weather

But some saw the snow as refreshing, given how mild the weather had been

Some even had their kayaks ready

Plenty of people expressed how happy they were to be indoors today

In the end, we're all really just looking for the full quad-fecta


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