A Canadian DJ's remix of the intro to Let's Dance has millions of views on Facebook as users share the tribute to the late David Bowie. 

Skratch Bastid wrote he was working late on Sunday night in his Toronto studio when he checked the internet and saw the news of Bowie's death Sunday. 

"Lots can be said & written to eulogize prolific artists like him, but I think the most appropriate way for a DJ to celebrate my favourite artists is by sharing their music," he wrote on Facebook and YouTube. 

Also known as Paul Murphy, the DJ and producer from Halifax, performed a live remix on two turntables of the intro to the U.K.-born music icon's '80s hit Let's Dance

The video has been viewed more than eight million times on Facebook and has topped 100,000 shares. 

"The guy never stopped creating," wrote Skratch Bastid. "He stayed recording and collaborating with artists like Arcade Fire & LCD Soundsystem over the last decade, and even put out an album two days ago, before his untimely passing."