With its new line of eerily lifelike robot cats, toy manufacturer Hasbro is reaching out to a new demographic — senior citizens. 

According to the company website, the new "Joy for all" line is a series of robot pets (so far just cats) designed to "bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones," without all the feeding and mess.

Aside from its four C batteries and lifeless gaze, the cats are pretty realistic, with faux feline fur that comes in "orange tabby," "silver," and "creamy white," and automated "cat-like" movements. 

The fuzzy robots even purr and meow when you pet them, using built in sensors designed to respond to motion and touch. With a pat on the head, the cats will move toward your hand, nuzzle closer with a pet to the left cheek, and roll over for a belly rub when you stroke its back.

To conserve battery life, the little guys go to sleep when you put them down.

If the thought of grandma stroking a doll-eyed robot cat sounds strange, consider the Tamagotchi, another automated pet that was enormously popular in the '90s — albeit not with people in their 90s.

The cats are currently being sold on Amazon for $99 US.