Friday may be the first day of Spring, but Canada's eastern provinces are still living in a world that most closely resembles the ice planet of Hoth

The situation has many east coasters declaring surrender 

Surrender snow

(Blake Hebb)


CBC even started a hashtag: #WinterISurrender

Some are so angry they're ready to turn to violence 

*This photo, thankfully, is not from the recent east coast storms

Others have become unintended casualties

Just another day in Snova Scotia

This is a real problem right now

Snow newfoundland


People seriously cannot find their cars

And forget about parking

Actually, forget about driving at all

Unless you've got one of these

... Wait, scrap that

Getting the mail is a challenge

snow mail

(Blake Hebb)

And so is just walking

sidewalks snow


People miss spring so much they're doing this

flowers snow spring halifax

(Neville MacKay)

And this

And this

Neville MacKay

This Cape Breton neighbourhood was in full-on winter denial. The first step is asking for help. (Joan Weeks/CBC)

What the east coast really needs right now is a hero

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"