Premier Kathleen Wynne is changing the way Ontario treats sexual violence and harassment.

Part of that plan involves a multimedia campaign including a powerful anti-sexual harassment and violence video that was posted on Youtube Friday morning with the hashtag #WhoWillYouHelp.

The Ontario premier wants to reform the way institutions like universities deal with it, what she calls the "culture of misogyny" and what is done to prevent these acts from transpiring.

"Today I'm challenging everyone in this province to step up and help end sexual harassment," she said in a speech in Toronto Friday.


If you witness an act of sexual violence or harassment, you can always do something to help.

Wynne called it "a road map to end sexual harassment."

She says victims must be better supported and wants to ensure that women who are "brave enough" to come forward with complaints aren't re-victimized.

Wynne's action plan was announced in December and is meant to coincide with International Women's Day on March 8.

Research suggests that one in three Canadian women will face some kind of sexual violence or harassment within their lifetime, yet, as Wynne said in her speech, most don't report it.

Sex violence stats

In 99% of sexual violence incidents committed against women, the accused perpetrator is male. (Statistics: Sexual Violence Ontario Women's Directorate)