Tim Hortons is rolling out Nutella as a spread option as well as two new baked goods featuring the iconic Italian condiment in Canada.

Timmies announced Thursday that starting April 15 it will offer a new chocolate-hazelnut doughnut filled with Nutella and pastry pockets filled with Nutella.

The coffee shop will also begin offering Nutella as a spread option on bagels. The new options will be available for a limited time and will disappear from stores on June 9. 

nutella time hortons handout

The coffee chain is also starting an online contest to go with the Nutella launch.

Anyone who sends an uplifting message to a friend on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SpreadTheLove will be entered in a contest to win free Nutella baked goods. The receiver of the message will be entered in the context as well. 

While the launch is scheduled for later this month, the new products appear to be showing up in some locations already. One customer spotted Nutella pastry pockets at a Tim Hortons in Calgary.


The Nutella news has set off a wave of reaction on social media. Most of it has looked something like this:

But before you get too excited about the new Nutella-infused offerings, it might be good to remember that Nutella is not exactly health food (despite some previous advertising suggesting just that).

CBC's Marketplace recently revealed that one tablespoon of Nutella contains approximately one tablespoon of sugar. Think about that. 

For its part, Nutella maker Ferrero suggests the spread should be enjoyed in moderation.