Somebody tagged a sign at Netflix headquarters with 'and chill'

In a move that could probably have broken the internet three months ago, an unidentified spray painter tagged a sign at Netflix's head office this week with the words "and chill."

'Netflix and chill' meme hits company's head office in the form of spray paint

"The Mother Ship got hit last night," wrote an Imgur user in the caption of a photo displaying this 'modified' sign at Netflix headquarters. (Imgur/nicktrvs)

In a move that could probably have broken the internet three months ago, an unidentified spray painter tagged a sign at Netflix's head office this week with the words "and chill."

Get it? If not, read on.

The San Francisco Chronicle's sister site SFGate reported Wednesday that someone had "modified" one of the large placards outside Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos, California.

While, as the Verge notes, it wasn't the official Netflix HQ sign that got hit, a sign near the company's main building did read "Netflix and chill" for a few hours before the graffiti was cleaned up.

The first photo of the spray-painted sign appears to have popped up on Imgur, and then Reddit, over the weekend. It was starting to spread on Twitter by Monday, and hit local news outlets a few days later.

A photo of the alleged vandal in action generated further interest in the story. 

"My brother took this picture of someone tagging up the Netflix headquarter sign," wrote the Twitter user who shared it.

More than 1.3 million people have now viewed the tagged sign on Imgur alone. Some around the web are praising the (still unidentified) paint-wielder for pulling off such a risky prank, while are others decrying it as a wanton act of vandalism.

The rest are simply calling out whoever did this for being late to the game.

For the uninitiated, "Netflix and chill" is a years-old slang phrase-turned-contemporary internet meme of sorts that exploded out of youth culture and into the media world this past summer.

The term itself can in large part be traced back to Black Twitter (like so many popular terms these days,) and is essentially the 2015 equivalent of "dinner and a movie." But without dinner. And nobody watches the movie.

Fusion's widely-cited explainer on the spread of this slang term defines Netflix and Chill as "a phrase that means, roughly, 'hooking up.' But it's a lot more complicated than that."

"It began as a plain, descriptive phrase ('Can't wait to leave work so I can watch Netflix and chill!')," wrote Fusion's Kevin Roose near the end of August. "[It] stayed that way for several years before acquiring a loose sexual connotation ('Wanna come over for Netflix and chill? ;)') and, eventually becoming a known code phrase ('He said he loves me, but I know he just wants to Netflix and chill')."

Sadly for teens who liked the phrase, it lost pretty much all of its cultural cache when parents, news outlets and brands (including Netflix) caught word of its existence and, in some cases, tried to make money off of the hype.

Internet hipsters started declaring Netflix and Chill dead near the end of August as the term became increasingly lamestream to the point that it was played out.

By mid-October, multiple media outlets with solid track records in reporting youth trends (Paper Mag, The Daily Dot, Buzzfeed) had officially concurred: Netflix and chill is over.

Plenty of people still rocked Halloween costumes inspired by the term, but "old" viral news items are generally acceptable on Halloween as long as they're from sometime within the past year.

Pranks, on the other hand? You've got to be timely to impress Twitter.