Hoverboards are one of the season's hottest gifts, and watching people trying β€” and failing β€” to ride them is one of the holiday's most hilarious trends. 

Hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, are flying off the shelves this season (one every 12 seconds on Cyber Monday, reports eBay) despite reports of battery fires and airport bans.

Hoverboards don't actually hover; they roll, with the rider shifting their body weight to steer. The motion can take some getting used to, and the learning curve often results in a few wipe outs.

With all the hoverboards unwrapped this holiday season, it's no surprise that some of the mayhem would find its way to social media.

People began posting videos of their first disastrous attempts with the hashtag #hoverboardfail.

As if ugly Christmas sweaters weren't embarrassing enough this time of year.

Innocent Christmas trees were often casualties.

And as the story grew, some reporters couldn't help but take part as well. 

But seeing all the festive fails had the rest of us thinking…