It's a sign from "God."

An anonymous activist known online only as "God" has succeeded in getting a pro-LGBT billboard up in Salt Lake City, Utah, despite efforts to prevent their existence. 

A photo of the billboard was posted on imgur by user SirWigglebottoms. It went up near the I-15 highway in Salt Lake City on June 14 and shows a giant cartoon rainbow behind a white-bearded, smiling man displaying the text, "GOD LOVES GAYS." 

"Saw this driving down the freeway in the heart of SLC UT. Knew it was coming, but thank you God, it was awesome to finally see one of these," read the imgur caption. 

Earlier this month another of these billboards went up in Orem, Utah, and last year one was erected in Topeka, Kansas, near the home of the famously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. 

Organizer's ID unknown

The organizer has been trying to get the crowd-funded billboards up for a year and a half. Initially the area's leading outdoor advertising companies rejected the ads because of their content. 

The campaign finally succeeded, but the identity of the organizer remains a mystery. In response to a BuzzFeed News email requesting the real name of "God," the billboard's benefactor replied, "No thanks. God prefers to not get shot in the head by some fanatic."

A fundraising effort launched to pay for the giant ads will also cover more than just the cost of the billboards. The National Alliance to End Homelessness and the Trevor Project, a crisis intervention service for LGBT youth, will each receive $10,000.

"There are so many young LGBT kids who face daily bullying just for who they are," the "God" project explains on its website. "Sadly all too often LGBT teens take their own lives due to the extreme lack of acceptance they face from their family, religious institution, or bigoted bullies. It is extremely important that this message of love is spread throughout the world."

"God" has a long list of cities across the U.S. to potentially host these love-spreading billboards.