U.S. President Barack Obama will welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House this Thursday for a meeting and a state dinner.

This weekend, Trudeau sat down with Lara Logan for a feature interview on 60 Minutes.

What do you think of the way Trudeau has presented Canada on the international stage? Here's how the conversation on the CBC Forum went: 

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Some in the forum had only praise for Trudeau

"In the last few years, when I was traveling internationally, people would always ask me 'What happened to Canada?' Now, everyone from Europe and Asia is telling me 'Wow, it is so great to have the real Canada back!' Canada has always been a humanitarian leader and now our PM is taking back that leadership." — Dom1234 

"Trudeau has presented Canada as a country that has had the extreme fortune of becoming one of the greatest countries on Earth. He has acknowledged the limitations of a country with a relatively small population, and yet has shown that a country does not have to be constantly flexing its muscles to add to the world discussion and help people." — EastCoastGill

"I am very comfortable with the way PM Trudeau has presented Canada on the world stage. We are a country that takes its responsibility as a global member seriously." — EOttawa

Some people were uncertain about some of his domestic policies

"I am happy with the way Trudeau has presented Canada so far on the world stage. I just sort of wish Canadian media did not go so all ga-ga over anything that has to do with Trudeau and the U.S. I think it makes us look at times a bit, or a lot, star struck. I want our country to be known for more than having some young, hottie PM." — jesse

"I think that Trudeau is doing a lot to promote Canada on the world stage. I would like to see him put the same care and attention into domestic policy, particularly to have a heart for those in Canada who fall below the middle class and are struggling." — Prairie Gurl 

"I think the interview went well. It was tastefully done, but it can hardly predict how Trudeau will do on the international stage. I'll make a decision on that after he's had some real challenges, such as showing the world how Canada has performed on the renewable energy front." — Ed Zachary 

And others said Trudeau's image on the world stage was shallow

"The message: Canada doesn't care about our countries finances anymore. What we care about is good looking head of state with great hair, who can spend our hard earned money as he pleases." — Duck 

"The world likes our pretty PM. They also like Leo, Matt Damon and Lady Gaga. I'd prefer to have someone with intelligence making the decisions than someone who is winning a popularity contest." — Duds

"I would like to see an interview with someone who is actually going to challenge Justin on a few things and see if he some actual responses and not just canned rhetoric. Didn't much care for Harper either but this guy just wants to give the farm away for a chance at a selfie with someone." — Economic Poli..... oooh...

"The rest of the world loves him because all you have to do is ask and he is willing to give you millions of dollars- unless you are an actual low income Canadian and then... well we don't know what he would do because he doesn't care about us." — GivingTheMoneyAway 

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