Canada's first ministers will meet behind closed doors in Vancouver on Thursday to attempt to come up with a pan-Canadian approach to pricing carbon.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is firmly against it.

"If there is a national carbon tax that is a part of these agreements… I will not be signing them," he said.

Do you think Canada should put a price on carbon? Here's how the discussion went in the CBC Forum: 

Some said a nationwide carbon price would only hurt businesses and raise prices. 

"This is really going to hurt all of the businesses in Ontario especially. With the highest electricity prices in North American plus this, business and industry is sure to move elsewhere." — Yharnam

"No. I think carbon taxes give a dangerous false idea that we can buy our way out of pollution.
Caps on emissions, and penalties if the caps are not met, are to me the way to go." — h

"If carbon is taxed, then hydro, nuclear and all other means of energy must be taxed as they, too, have a environmental foot print." — Jay

"I think people are very naive if they think a tax collected by the government will actually go to reducing a carbon footprint. Have we not been taxed enough?" —  oldhockeycoach

"A carbon tax will not only hurt western provinces but will also further alienate the people of those provinces its a bad idea both financially and politically." — mitch_match

But others said a federal carbon plan was the best way for Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

"A carbon price can be made revenue neutral as in B.C., so I'm not sure how that would impact average citizens." — EOttawa

"Carbon taxes are by far preferred by economists and business leaders to confusing regulations that attempt to achieve the same. why not have a simple system with clear results?" — objective steve

"B.C. has had a carbon tax since 2008 we are still moving forward we didn't crash and burn. It can be done and it doesn't have to destroy the economy. Everyone wants something but still so many don't want to do anything." — PositiveThinker

'We need something drastic to meet our Paris obligations. A carbon tax is a good start. The funds derived from the carbon tax should be put into a fund that is available to people/companies trying to implement sustainable energy plans." — Joshua Slocum