Here's another reason to dread going into the office: Sitting at your desk all day can kill you. 

A recently released report from the University of Regensburg in Germany notes that sitting at work, along with other sedentary behaviours such as watching TV, is associated with increased risk of colon, endometrial (which starts from the lining of the uterus) and lung cancers. 

The authors of the analysis observed nearly 70,000 cancer cases and found that sitting at work can increase your chances of getting colon cancer by up to 24 per cent, endometrial cancer by up to 32 per cent and lung cancer by up to 21 per cent. 

You don't even have to sit all day to flirt with fatality. 

For each day, every two-hour increase in sitting time means an eight per cent increase in the risk of colon cancer, 10 per cent for endometrial cancer and six per cent for lung cancer.

It also might be disheartening to know that exercising won't help. Even after adjusting for physical activity, the authors found it didn't affect the relationship between sitting and cancer. 

But, the authors said limiting time spent sitting, even just taking breaks to walk around, can reduce health risks.

In light of these findings, we want to know how you stay active during your workday. Does your office experiment with stand-up desks? Do you treadmill while you work? Do you partake in midday stretches?

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