A sloth found stranded and soaking wet on an Ecuadorean highway median became something of an internet darling after photos were posted to Facebook last Friday. 

Stuck in the middle

Carlos Lotufo, a spokesman for the Comision de Transito del Ecuador, said in an email to CBC News that the sloth was found "struggling to cross" a new highway just outside Quevedo City by officers Bustamante and Aguayo, who were on a routine patrol.

Ecuador highway sloth was found struggling to cross

Not the safest place for a sloth to hang out. (Transit Commission of Ecuador)

This fella's going straight to the vet

Lotufo identified the animal as a sloth bear and said the patrolmen who found it immediately took it a veterinarian who proclaimed it to be in good health. It was then returned to its habitat, Lotufo said.

Ecuador highway sloth looked wet when it was found

It's the rainy season in Ecuador right now. No kidding. (Transit Commission of Ecuador)

The sloth is back home in the forest

Lotufo said the highway encounter was "very rare." He also said the officers told him later that the sloth was "pretty calm" and appeared happy when they took him back to the forest.

Ecuador highway sloth found hugging a pole

Sloths are common to the forests of Central and South America and are most at home in the forest canopy. (Transit Commission of Ecuador)