Sting is going to play the halftime show at next month's NBA All-Star Game in Toronto, a fact which many Torontonians seem pretty bummed out about.

While the artist was once known for songs like Roxanne and Walking on the Moon, reaction to the NBA's announcement this morning suggest that these days, he's mostly known for being a bit of a bore.

A 2000 Grammy Award for his solo album Brand New Day – and roughly a decade with English rock band The Police – won't save him from the crushing fact that he's not from Toronto. 

The fact that the NBA didn't pick a Torontonian artist, or even Canadian artist, to play the first All Star halftime show outside of the U.S. was a sticking point for fans. 

Even Ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had something to say, which he shared with the world thanks to his newfound Twitter prowess.

Although someone did have a Ford-related explanation for how the NBA might have picked the artist.

The popular answer for who should be playing the halftime show was Drake, a noted b-ball aficionado. 

He might be in rough shape.

Even John Tory, Toronto's mayor, doesn't seem excited to talk about the news.

Although that may be because during the Pan Am games in Toronto, he assumed that Kanye West was Canadian, prompting a similar wave of outrage when people also called for Drake instead.

Maybe Sting could change the name of a song on Toronto's behalf?

At least Cirque de Soleil will also be there before the game.

It's going to be a weird show.