It's been a big week in Donald Trump news. The Republican front-runner has been called a racist by China but also a good friend by Mike Tyson. He's been compared to a child by Jack Black (who says he would rather see Kanye West become president). Trump's butler has even called him The King

There are many sides to the controversial billionaire businessman and, unsurprisingly, the internet sees even more versions.

Like, an interactive website that allows people to honk a trumpet in his face. 


There are so many Trumps in the app world alone that we thought we would sum up the top five for you. 

1. Avoid Trump

The free mobile app called Avoid Trump is a simple but addictive game of navigating through a maze of Trump heads without touching any. Released last week, the app is only available for iPhone and iPad users. 

avoid trump mobile app

Avoid Trump was released on March 12; the free game is only available for iOS. ('Avoid Trump'/App Store)

Trump insult generator

Trump Insult Generator disses you and your friends using insults from Trump himself. (Trump Insult Generator/App Store)

2. Trump Insult Generator

Now you can feel personally insulted by Trump, too. 

The iPhone-compatible app generates an insult after a name is entered by using real fighting words from the candidate's Twitter account @RealDonaldTrump.

There are also similar website extensions like Trump Generator and another that was shared in The Times

3. Donald Trump: Flappy Hair and Trump Dump

Inspired by the popular game Flappy Bird, Trump's hair flaps when users tap the screen to navigate him in Donald Trump: Flappy Hair. The purpose of the game it to avoid hitting the other current and former presidential candidates — Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush.


Similar to this game is another app called Trump Dump, which is played by tapping the screen to dodge pipes. The goal is to get to the end of the obstacle course so birds can poop on Trump. 

4.  Dump on Trump

This mobile game requires users to protect Trump from bird feces raining down on him. It's the most challenging app of the bunch and is available for both Android and iPhone.

Dump on trump app

Users protect Trump from being hit by excrement in the mobile app game Dump on Trump. (Dump on Trump/Google Play Store)

5. Trump Yourself

The free selfie app answers the question we've all been asking: What would I look like with Donald Trump's hair? 

kim kardashian donald trump app

Trump Yourself has shared pictures of celebrities, like this of Kim Kardashian, and politicians sporting Donald Trump's 'do since its launch in September. (Trump Yourself Free Selfie App/Tumblr)

And if you're tired of seeing Trump references like this, there's also an app for that. 

Trump Trump

This app and Google Chrome extension removes all things Trump for you. There's also one that removes Trump from your Facebook experience.