One of the year's biggest memes has squeaked in just under the wire.  

Joining "left shark," "the dress" and Drake's dancing is one of the most divisive questions on the internet today: If dogs wore pants, what sort of pants would they wear? And how?

It began with an image drawn by a 19-year-old Belgian man and posted to this Facebook page, according to the Washington Post.

Seems simple enough right?


The question has left the online world bitterly divided, as Twitter users share their surprisingly impassioned responses with the hashtag #dogpants.

The 2-legged camp seems to be the majority.

But the 4-legged camp is hanging on doggedly.

Some say a precedent has already been set. 

While others have drawn their own solutions. 

And, naturally, a few have drawn comparisons to 2015's other great wardrobe debate.

One thing's for sure though...