Mitch Owen was on his way to the grocery store in Dartmouth, N.S., when his friend asked him if he'd seen something strange by the side of the road. 

Owen, 27, was in the passenger seat of his friend's car, and when he looked past the steering wheel he noticed a boy dancing to silence in a Michael Jackson-inspired outfit. 

"We kind of didn't believe what was happening at the time," Owen said, guessing that the boy appeared about 10 years old. "He was really drawing quite a crowd."

To make sure it would be equally unbelievable for all of his friends, he took a quick Instagram video. 

People beeped their horns in support as they drove by, although you can't hear it in the video. Owen decided to silence the video because they were laughing too loudly in the car.

Dartmouth Dance

Mitch Owen spotted this boy with some Michael Jackson flair while on the way to a grocery store in Dartmouth, N.S. (Mitch Owen)

"I think he really brightened everyone's day," said Owen, who works in the Halifax tourism industry. 

Even on the way back 40 minutes later, Owen said the boy was still rocking out, while people waved and beeped their horns. 

Owen, whose favourite Michael Jackson song is Thriller, noted that children dancing by the side of the road was an uncommon practice for Dartmouth, but that doesn't mean he should stop. 

"I think did a pretty good job. I think he's doing exactly what he wants to do," Owen said.