Cat that looks like Adam Driver gets internet famous — and then adopted

Thanks in part to all of the attention a New Jersey cat got for looking like actor Adam Driver, he was adopted within 48 hours of his picture hitting Twitter.

Catam Driver? Katlo Ren? Adam from Grrrls?

Thanks in part to all of the attention a New Jersey cat got for looking like actor Adam Driver, he was adopted within 48 hours of his picture hitting Twitter. (Twitter/@RevengeanceQD)

Adam Driver is a critically acclaimed 32-year-old American actor and actual human man. 

You may recognize him as Hannah's boyfriend from the HBO series Girls, or as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Maybe you've seen him in a heavy-hitting Hollywood drama like Lincoln, J. Edgar or Inside Llewyn Davis.

Or maybe you have no idea who he is at all. 

Google Trends data shows that the volume of searches on the term "Adam Driver" spiked to a maximum 100 points on Saturday evening in Canada, up from just six points at the same time on Friday, likely because Driver hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.

If you've yet to see any of the now viral sketches from that episode — or any images of the actor after Googling his name — here is a photo for reference:


Just kidding. That's a cat. As previously mentioned, Adam Driver is a human actor. 

That said, the internet has been freaking out this week over how much they think Driver looks like this particular cat.

"Meet the cat that looks exactly like Adam Driver" writes Time of the two-year-old Balinese seen above. Mic reports similarly that "Adam Driver's doppleganger is a cat and seriously it looks just like him."

Despite one being a man and the other being a cat, these two are "pretty much twins" according to Hello Giggles. E! Online calls the resemblance "one of the most simultaneously disturbing and wonderful scientific phenomenons [sic] of our time."


Catdam Driver, as he's come to be known, started rising to internet fame on Friday when Brooklyn-based journalist Marci Robin tweeted out his photo with the caption "Tell me this cat at @TheMCSPCA doesn't look like Adam Driver."

At the time, the cat's name was Corey and he was living at the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, N.J.

That didn't last long.

Thanks in part to all of the viral attention Robin's photo got, Corey was adopted by a cat-loving Star Wars fan within 48 hours of his picture hitting Twitter.

"After a social media whirlwind, Corey the cat has been adopted!" wrote the Monmouth County SPCA on Facebook Monday. "Thank you to everyone who liked and shared his post! A woman saw his photo on Facebook and instantly fell in love, she drove all the way from Brooklyn to adopt! The power of social media is amazing and every share counts! Have a fabulous life Corey!"

Corey's new owner, Emily McCombs, shared the story of how she came to adopt her new pet on Elite Daily Tuesday afternoon.

"When the tweet first went up, I had gazed into the eyes of this cat and felt two things deep in my soul 1) that I loved him and 2) that he was meant to be with me," she wrote. "Not only was his face amazingly unique and funny, but he was described as being snuggly and 'great with kids,' and I have a four-year-old son."

With her heart set on bringing Corey into her family, McCombs convinced a friend to drive her from Brooklyn to the shelter in New Jersey — only to find out that someone else had come for the same reason 20 minutes earlier.

Fortunately for McCombs, that adoption (and another previous adoption) fell through and she was able to take the kitty home.

"When the shelter announced the adoption, I immediately received the number of an 'internet cat manager,' and friends started telling me how much money I could make off such an amazing-looking cat," she wrote. "But I didn't adopt Corey because he was going viral on the internet. I adopted him because I loved him.… And he has only proved himself to be more lovable in the 24 or so hours I've had him at home."

After some discussion with her boyfriend, McCombs decided to rename the cat "Kylo Ren." 

Kylo can now be found on Instagram as @Catam_Driver, a name that pays homage both to his famous doppelganger and to the brief (though maybe continuing?) stint as a celebrity internet cat that won him a loving new home.


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