You might only see this in Canada: Blue Jays fans danced around the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street in Toronto right up until the light turned green. Then they calmly walked aside to let the cars through.

The fans were politely celebrating the 6-3 victory over the Texas Rangers earlier Wednesday night, which clinched the team's entry in to the American League Championship Series. 

David Lindsay posted a similar video on Facebook Wednesday night, which has more than 510,000 views. In the description he adds, "Notice they dance in the intersection during the 4 way stop but quickly clear when the light turns green. Only in Toronto. Go Blue Jays."

The comments on the Facebook video often remark on how in other cities, neither the police nor the excited crowds would have behaved as well. 

"Love how the cops were so unconcerned they were looking at their phones. In other cities, stun guns and truncheons would have been out," Michael Ras wrote. 

Edie Holt added, "So wonderfully typical Canadian. Proud to be Canadian and a Blue Jay fan."