Mother sends her 'unappreciative son' a $40,000 invoice

When a young man refused to help his mother and younger brother, she sent him an invoice for nearly $40,000 so that he was aware of how she'd been supporting him.

She'd asked him to help with his younger brother's health benefit, but he refused

Chalipo, a Toronto-based Reddit user, said he posted this to /r/funny to take accountability for the way he behaved in response to his mother's request. (Chalipo/Reddit)

When a 23-year-old man refused to help his mother sign his younger brother up for a health benefit, she sent him an invoice for nearly $40,000 to demonstrate exactly how much she'd been supporting him throughout his life.

Brampton, Ont.-based Reddit user Chalipo posted an invoice from his mother to him, her "unappreciative son," on the forum /r/funny. The image has since been taken down.

The bill included charges like a fifth of the share of hydro costs, all of his tuition, and incidental food he ate in the kitchen. 

It also included a $1,000 charge for being "not appreciative of your mother's support, financially or otherwise."
Chalipo and his mother, who went by the names Kevin and Julie for the sake of a article, had the argument more than two weeks ago. 

Kevin is currently living in his mother's house with his girlfriend. Julie was looking to apply for a health benefit for her 22-year-old son and, since it was a household benefit, she needed his social insurance number. 

Kevin refused to provide it. 

"I was refusing to cooperate, and my mom was just looking out for my brother, and I was being a little selfish," Kevin told – although they both agree he hadn't quite understood what his mother was asking for at the time.


Even though Kevin and his girlfriend already pay for their own groceries, plus $300 per month in rent, he said he didn't think about how all of the other bills piled up. 

His mother didn't expect him to actually pay the invoice. She said she was simply angry and that she wanted him to know how good he had it. 

"I'm not sure if I'm proud of the fact that I billed him for being an asshole," Julie said to, later adding, "I just think he needs to appreciate the bills that I pay."

Julie said that her parents charged her interest on her tuition growing up, and that she didn't even want to do that to her son.

On Reddit, Chalipo wrote that he's definitely gained an appreciation for these kinds of daily expenses. 

"This was a very effective parenting technique and it has helped me to realize what an entitled little shit I have been," he wrote.

He hasn't been taking it easy at his mother's house, however. Chalipo wrote that he works part-time while attending school at night. Outside of school, he works full-time. 

Meanwhile, his mother has appreciated the lengths he's gone to in order to put himself out there.

"Proud of you son. You could have reacted in many ways," she wrote on the Reddit post, under the account momknowsbest64. "Instead you preferred to make an example of yourself. That shows incredible integrity at any age."


  • The article originally said that they were based in Toronto. They live in Brampton, Ont.
    Mar 16, 2016 7:28 AM ET


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